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MVP Choice ProgrammingTM - Military and Veterans

MVP Choice Programming™, through DBC™ (the acronym for Direct Broadcasting Company, its broadcast flagship network), has developed the "Veterans for a Better World" Channel. We will create educational, historical, and entertaining programming of past, present and recent US Military history in addition to being the preeminent clearinghouse for information vital to our military and veterans. The goals of the Channel are as follows:

I - Tell the History

Provide a true concise living history of the United States Military. We strive to provide a true account and its importance of the US Military to our younger generation and future generations.

II - Help Our Military and Veterans

We help our Military Veterans and Military Associations to build a Better World for both them and their families.

The "Veterans for a Better World" Channel Revenues will serve as a revenue vehicle to these Non-Profit Organizations to accomplish this mission.

III - Provide Jobs

MVP Choice Programming™ will create jobs for our Veterans. We are committed to provide employment opportunities for qualified Veterans who will receive the training necessary from our key seasoned professionals who act as mentors and supervisors.

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