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MVP Choice ProgrammingTM - Music

MVP Choice Programming™ provides music fans worldwide a front row ticket to both live and existing programming not available from current media outlets, including:

  • The Jazz Channel: A Jazz Fan? See up and coming talent as well as icons as part of MVP Choice Programming’s The Jazz Channel.
  • The “Wonders of the World” Music Concert Series: World-class artists; world famous venues. Be part of history in the making as MVP Choice Programming™ brings you new events in a series that already includes two outstanding concerts: The Remember the Alamo Concert (featuring Lyle Lovett, the Gipsy Kings, and Los Lobos) and The Great Wall of China Concert (featuring Alicia Keys, Cyndi Lauper, and Boys II Men).
See examples below:

Tom Braxton
in Concert

The Great Wall Concert

Wendy Starland